Alien Watches Discovered – Switzerland

What happens when you tie a Swiss watchmaker to a chair, inject with strong hallucinogens and subject him to Bladerunner for 60hrs? He creates the Alien Nation HM6 watch.

We haven’t clarified that this is artisan watchmakers MB&F’s actual creative process, but considering how the Alien Nation watch resembles a cross between The Death star, a Tesla proto-drone and Tron’s personal organiser, you’d be forgiven for agreeing this isn’t the industry standard.

Alien Nation HM6

Putting on the Alien Nation HM6 for the first time you get a sense of imminent teleportation – close your eyes and prepare for a quantum leap.

Inside the guts sits an actual metallic alien figurine; ominously still, inanimately overseeing operations. A blue neon haze illuminates the dials and numbers like the dashboard of a futuristic concept car. Fastening the last strap, I was half expecting a sudden charge to shoot from the watch and cryogenically freeze my blood, preserving me in some audacious heist.

But no. I was fine. Turns out this wasn’t a sting by the intergalactic space people, harvesting human souls via a fashionable watch, but merely my paranoia, foreboding something so futuristic.

Now, safely donning the watch, I’m the talk of the town, my new timepiece glimmering like a techno honeypot. People peer with bewilderment, fascinated by the iridescent drone-like appearance. It’s presence assures me that I’m ahead of the times, well adjusted to this rapidly changing world, adhering reverently to the tenants of early adoption.

And it tells the time with astonishing accuracy.

It’s now 3:34pm on Mars.