Beardcaps – Iceland

The climate in Iceland is classed as ‘subarctic’. In layman’s terms: ‘a bit nippy’.
Lying just south of the Arctic Circle, winter temperatures can plummet to a ball-clenching −25 to −30°C. This is a challenging environment, even for a hardy wild sheep.


Hard as nails

Luckily, a thousand years of living in isolation on this harsh Nordic island have led Iceland’s ancient North European breed of sheep to develop a fleece that’s incredibly warm, rugged and water repellant, yet light as air.

Sheep-flavoured candy floss

For generations, these ovine champions of endurance have been reared primarily for their milk and succulent flesh, with the wool being a useful by-product. Without these sheep, life for the Vikings in Iceland would have been impossible.

Black Friday hits Iceland

Sheep farmers, however, are not typically born with woolly pelts of their own, and must, therefore, take steps to protect themselves from the brutal blizzards and biting polar winds of the region.

Enter the Beardcap…

The perfect Christmas gift for the sheep farmer in your life

Modified from the traditional ‘lambshed hood’ worn by sheep farmers as they trudged thanklessly to and from the lamb shed in adverse weather conditions, the award-winning Vík Prjónsdóttir Design Studio has been using the local wonder-wool to manufacture these eyebrow-raising garments, which includes a woollen beard and moustache in the knitting pattern.

With a choice of two styles – ‘The Farmer’ or ‘The Gentleman’ – the Beardcap is proving popular with sheep farmers and winter hipsters alike. They are available in a range of colours and can be yours for a chilly 10’250 Icelandic Króna. They’d probably look good on the sheep too.