Bespoke Headpieces – UK

Studies show that for people still desperately clinging on to the right side of 30, it’s life experiences that are valued over material possessions. This means it’s more likely than ever that our e-diaries will be utterly replete with invitations to all-night parties, deluxe galas and fabulous festivals during high season.

And, for those seeking ways to stand out from the multitudes, there are a number of avenues to explore.

One way to make a heavyweight impact at your nan’s 90th might be to dress as a Smurf and turn up on stilts singing Shirley Bassey’s 1998 hit ‘Let’s Get This Party Started’.

Alternatively, you may opt to emulate Grace Jones’ famously flamboyant entrance to New York’s Studio 54, and trot in astride a majestic white stallion.

Both of these options have their drawbacks of course, such as multiple bone fractures, animal welfare issues and horseshit on the dance floor. So instead, perhaps consider making your party statement with something a little more, shall we say, pragmatic.

“Looking to make an entrance like a peacock at a sparrow convention? It’s probably time to pimp up your bonce!”

Dip your toe into the vibrant party scene of the Midlands and you will surely bear witness to the growing trend for so-called ‘celebration headpieces’ – like the ones being created by Nottingham-based company Headcase.

Headcase 2

Drawing inspiration from festival culture, club kids, drag queens and crazy bag ladies, Headcase founder Clare Leavy has never been one to take herself too seriously – a trait that reflects in some of her wilder imaginings. Repurposing items as diverse as stuffed flamingos, pom-poms, disco balls, My Little Ponies and plastic fruit, her creations range from stylish and exotic bejewelled turbans and iridescent disco visors to no-holds-barred, over-the-top, glittering celebrations of exuberance designed for maximum jaw-drop.

And if it’s something more bespoke you’re after, they can custom build your topper according to your own freaky specifications. Suddenly your dream of a having that golden sombrero be-dangled with silver dildos doesn’t seem so very far away.

Although you may need an extra hard-drive in your bag to cope with the sheer quantity of selfies you’ll be taking wearing one of these bad boys. Definitely not for the shrinking violets among us!

The only other problem you may encounter whilst wearing your ‘rave crown’ is every other fucker at the party wanting to “have a go on it”. In these situations you may wish to rehearse the following response: