Deluxe Phone Coverage – England

We handle our phones more often than most things: our keys, our wallet, our partner, our genitals… perhaps. With this in mind, why wouldn’t you pay every attention to the aesthetic, ergonomic and branded qualities of your phone cover?

It’s a niche that the Chaos Fashion brand have plugged with their high-end phone cases. Deerskin sheaths that envelope an iPhone’s contours with unparalleled bling. The designs are a collision of Andy Warhol meets Disney; bold controversial images sweetened by smooth edged childlike colour. They’ve proved a honeypot for celebs, Beyoncé and Victoria Beckham already keen advocates.

And what better feeling than caressing the soft bristles of a dead animal at every notification, ping, bleep, text or call? It’s these little touches that make life worth living. And at £185 a pop, roadkill has never been such a valuable commodity.


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