The Dubai ExTwat – Dubai…

Life as a well-heeled Dubai expat has its pros and cons. Your liberties undergo a reconfiguration. On one hand, your western freedom is curtailed, where the merest of civil transgressions can land you in jail. We’ve all heard the tales of blindsided visitors getting into trouble for what might seem a negligible act: holding hands with your partner, swearing in public or trafficking the solitary valium.

But on the other hand, some of the shackles of western constraint can be lifted. The extreme wealth and hubris of expat life can be profoundly freeing –  something which often bleeds into fashion. Bad fashion.

Picture the scene: you’ve landed a high-paying job in Dubai and arrive into a hotbed of gluttonous wealth and castrated hedonism. Whilst outside your usual friendship circle, you’re now a lone operator. Lured in by this new-found liberty and unaccountability for your wardrobe, you seize the opportunity for reinvention.

And why not?

Away from the heckling friends who would normally curb any deviation from the group’s tightly-policed fashion conventions, you can enjoy the freedom to explore untapped self-expression, unleashing a hitherto repressed alter-ego.

But here’s the rub. When something is released from long-term repression, it can emerge explosively. Just like a full gas cylinder thrown at a wall, many virgin expat fashion decisions are discharged at high velocity, bursting through to areas that ought to remain strictly off limits. What else could explain poisonous fashion decisions like these;

The Edwardian

Off Duty Wimbledon Referee

Twatter at the Regatta

 The Confused Pastry Chef