Fred Perry – England

As a brand, Fred Perry has experienced a turbulent trajectory. Beginning in the late 1940’s, its timeline tells of a rangy stride from humble tennis-wear, to stylish street clothing, to Brit pop uniform, to the yobbish attire of football terraces.

Once hanging alongside Tommy Hilfiger, Ben Sherman and other brands hijacked by the chavs, Fred Perry was in ominous territory. Most clothing lines struggle to re-emerge once tarred with this brush; bullied into a corner, resigned to exclusively tailor for chubby hooligans and skinheads.

But the middle-class art-centric students, trendy young dads and skate girls have managed to pick-pocket the chavs. Fred Perry has experienced a promotion from the lower divisions, back to Bohemia. And let’s not forget the role of their hugely influential ambassadors, like this cool-cat Bradley Wiggins, who merges street-wisdom, subversive facial hair and good cycling.


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