Geometric Buzzcuts – Pasadena (US)

To some, the human head is but a canvas over which one’s imagination is allowed to run freely like a wildebeest over the plains of Africa.

So it is with stylist Janine Ker, who inhabits that place between artist and hair stylist.

With a history of making bold fashion statements since her high school days, Janine draws inspiration for these works of art from every decade since the 60’s, but especially from the 1990’s post-punk revival.

Operating from Salon Aguayo in Pasadena, California, Janine begins by dyeing areas of her subject’s hair with a variety of different pigments before carving out her signature geometric shapes and patterns (and perhaps a tropical flower or two).

The resulting effect is undoubtedly striking, and goes to show that learning geometry at school wasn’t necessarily a complete waste of time after all.