MIDI Clothing – Germany

Play Yourself

Today, the decision to pursue a career in music might seem as financially unsound as investing in Myspace shares. The odds stacked against you – the industry’s business model only serving the estate of dead pop stars, Elton John and the streaming overlords.

That said, the barriers to entry are non-existent. Technology now renders everyone a producer; the requisites merely a pulse and basic motor skills. This development has particularly affected EDM – the low-hanging fruit of music – with budding producers spawning like adaptive bacteria on a nightclub urinal. What was once the domain of multi-million dollar studios, full of grandiose hardware and well honed engineers, is now coded, crunched and packaged into a program – downloadable from iTunes for $1.99. Disregard the fuss about quality, it’s negligible; music making tools are no longer the reserve of the rich or talented.

And everyone’s at it, toiling arduously over intricate beats and complex melodies, programmed on these handheld mega studios. Although competition is vast, the spoils are vaster. Releasing music is now a totally digital affair, and perfectly scalable. On the minuscule chance a tune gets traction, there are no constraints on manufacturing, packaging and distribution. The digital world’s inexhaustive rollout means supply is unending. Skies the limit. It’s this belief that keeps the hordes of hopefuls alive; always one tune away from being propelled stratospherically.

But how to capture those most inspirational moments? They undulate, rise then disappear in unpredictable cycles. Plagued with not being in the right-place-at-the-right-time, many are unable to capture their most creative swells. Those moments on a bus when a hit melody slithers teasingly through the fingers; at a dinner party, unexpectedly ignited by wicked rhythmic spasms; or even whilst taking a dump – suddenly, the artistic embers get kick-started by a bowel movement, agonisingly out of reach from the keyboard, the magic flushed away to the metaphoric dumping ground of mediocrity.

How cruelly the world works, our best work just out of reach. If only there was device always close at hand, ready to crystallise our genius and bottle the best creations.

Problem solved. MIDI clothing is designed for those moments when creativity catches us short.

With touch-sensitive pads stitched all over various garments, MIDI clothing effectively converts the body into a keyboard/controller. Simply connect with your chosen program and play yourself.

Midi Clothing 2

Soon it won’t be uncommon to see people wandering the streets, spellbound, hunched over, patting themselves with simian zeal.

You’re an instrument, now play.