Sticky Soles – Italy

The trusty flip-flop has been around longer than that tin of Spam at the back of your pantry. So inordinately long, in fact, that nobody can remember there ever not being flip-flops. They have been worn across the globe for millennia and can even be seen in ancient Egyptian murals dating back to 4’000B.C.

With their perfect mix of comfort, affordability and practicality, one might suppose that the flip-flop will remain our go-to summer shoe for evermore.

But its monopoly over the convenience footwear market is now being challenged by Italian designers Nakefit with their new concept in minimal protective foot attire;

Adhesive soles.

It’s an idea so simple and so elegant that a child could have thought of it.

Remove the sticky backing, smooth the Nakefit onto the sole of your foot, and your delicate tootsies are henceforth protected from scalding hot sands, jagged rocks and ghastly fungal infections. And, thanks to a rubber grip on the underside, slippery saunas, pool-side puddles and prison showers need not be a health and safety issue.

Plans are afoot for this Kickstarter company to achieve complete dominion over the flip-flop as soon as possible. The only worry is what to do with the millions of unwanted flip-flops (answers on a postcard please).

But whether or not Nakefit actually ends up superseding the flip-flop, or indeed the sandal, remains to be seen. Either way, they will certainly earn you some serious holiday feet cred.