Nano Nails – Russia

Ever felt like you had ten gay snails on the ends of your fingers?

Due to shoddy self-administered nail gel procedures, thousands of women suffer this cosmetic plight.

Because of the time constraints of the modern age, it’s not always so convenient to have the lengthy nail-baking procedure carried out by a caring, attentive professional. So we opt for the DIY approach, with varying degrees of success.

But do our delicate digits not deserve better? Do they not yearn to be set free from the crippling weight brought about by amateurish nail gel applications? Plus it’s a nightmare sending an SMS when you have a mouse’s crash helmet on each fingertip.

Luckily, help is at hand.

In Russia, a small group of renegade keratinologists (people who know far more than is healthy about the horn, hoof and nail protein keratin) have teamed up with electrical engineers to discover a way to make your fingernails actually change colour, with a simple touch from a new electromagnetic ‘wand’.

But don’t go all Harry Potter on us just yet – this ‘magic wand’ isn’t magic at all. Here’s how it works:

The nails are initially coated with a high-gloss, ultra-durable, electro-sensitive nano paint, which is capable of refracting visible light into varying wavelengths depending on the amount of current applied.

Input the correct voltage on the control box, then touch the wand on each nail, thus instantly changing it’s colour to virtually any hue desired.

It’s been 6 years in the making, and now they’ve finally nailed it.

Incredible right? Didn’t that receptionist in the original Total Recall sci-fi film have something like this?

Yes, exactly this. And, like all good science fiction, that imagined gadget has paved the way to what now promises to be a revolution in the way we girls – and guys – colour our nails.

Unfortunately the chances of owning this gizmo before 2020 are small, owing to the difficulties in large-scale production of nano paint. So, regrettably, it’s old fashioned gel, acrylic and polish for just a wee while longer. How very primitive.