Dressing The Corporate Hipster – USA

Here’s a problem: You’re an upwardly mobile hipster, now solvent enough to upscale your wardrobe from anaemic cardigans and preppy American Apparel jumpers. Money in the bank, you suddenly possess the purchasing muscle to blaze through designer stores to the fanfare of avarice.  But there’s a niggling unrest every time you peer through the windows of Gucci and Armani, the designer slickness smarts, that gluten intolerance leaking into your fashion sensibilities. A thorny resistance nags, unable finalise a sale, unable to level your look and new-found status. The generation of austerity and recession has been meticulously conditioned to shun such pomp. You’d feel a fraudster upgrading your hand-me-down dowdiness into a catwalk glamour.

So how does a high achieving corporate hipster move seamlessly from dour to Dior?

Thom Browne is the answer. The uncrowned designer to the debonaire hipster. He’s merged two worlds; etching just enough off the tailored line of haute couture, and amplifying the self conscious hipster delicately into the realms of muted flamboyance.

Browne has managed to dial in the perfect volume; a gentle waveform of coolness, undulating well beneath the deafening frequencies of the fashion world.


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